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27 March 2015
Hard Proof Germanwings Crash is a Hoax – Orchestrated by ZionistsUPDATED: March 28, 2015
Revelation due to the astute work of numerous posters for this hoax, which does not hold up as a real plane crash under close scrutiny. Full credit to them realizing this as a hoax immediately.
Regarding the purported Germanwings crash of an Airbus 340 no sense can be made of it. Who would purposely drive an airplane into a mountain, even if this could be done? It is relatively easy to prove the hoax. This is through the debris pattern. It does not have the pattern of a real spontaneous, catastrophic crash. Rather, it has the pattern of staging, as if it was merely dropped there or placed there by a litany of staging agents.

There can be no other possibility, no wiggle-room. It is a hoax, clearly and categorically, proven by the patterns of the man-made or plane wreckage (garbage) seen strewn in the mountainous area. The wreckage is seen not spread in the expected pattern, that is throughout the mountain slopes and is, instead, concentrated in the crevices or valleys. These are areas which could be easily trekked by staging moles.
The crevice staging pattern can be see readily, here. See how the perpetrators placed the wreckage along those low spots, that is spots they could readily access and, therefore, manually deposit the phony wreckage. They went all around that small mountain hill, front-screen, with little to no wreckage anywhere on its tops and slopes, proving that it is merely a lie.
Notie that there is no to minimal wreckage on those difficult to traverse mountain slope angles, while it is all concentrated in the potentially traversable paths.
It is a physical impossibility for the wreckage to have deposited itself as real crash-related matter in those valleys and crevices, virtually surrounding fully the mini-mountain peak. The single wheel, too, is placed strategically, obviously as a prop. It’s all fake, proven here by a variety of our posters. They just dumped the wreckage in those traversable regions, manually and perhaps through helicopter drops. Some of these mountain slopes have absolutely no wreckage from this purported monstrous impact against the mountain structure. How, just how, is this possible?
Too, as pointed out by one of our posters some of this strewn wreckage has obviously been dumped on the mountain slopes/sides. Then, through the actions of gravity it has slid somewhat downward. It’s a combination of arch-hoaxing and fakery, make no mistake about it.
Where is all the smoldering? There is virtually none, except one area, one prop image, whereas there should be smoldering and/or char throughout:
It is a localized, pyrotechnically-induced fire, no doubt about it. Notice the relatively tiny, singular white plume of smoke. Notice, once again, the deposition of the wreckage in a linear pattern, fully demonstrating human intervention as the source. It took teams of men to do this. The Zionist-controlled German and Spanish governments are fully complicit in this scam. It’s just garbage and fake strewn plane wreckage planted about. There’s nothing real about it.
The linear, man-made pattern is exceedingly obvious in the above image. No one can doubt that this is, in fact, an arch-fake.
See the curved line of wreckage, proving the planting of this material; also, there is no char on the conveniently planted fuselage element.
This piece has been stuffed into region, wedged there, without the slightest impact damage, and surely no scraping or scratching.
Once again, a linear pattern is seen, proving the staging or placing of wreckage artificially.
Here is an image that is hard proof of the hoax, with, once again, the wreckage being planted in a man-created pattern in the middle of a walking path/ravine:
In contrast, the slopes are relatively free of any such wreckage; it is not strewn in a random, even way. The wheel has clearly been planted there as a prop, as is the large piece of fuselage. There are no personal effect, no multiple suitcases, and surely no bodies or body parts: no torsos, no arms, no legs, no heads, no nothing.
Too, where are the large parts of the plane? Where is the full tail section? Where are the virtually indestructible titanium engines? What about the full wings or their parts? Where are they? Why is there not even a single seat to be found? The answer is that it is a staged hoax with only parts of the previously destroyed plane used.
This is actually a relatively easy hoax to confirm: see the following image, pointed out by one of our posters –
This is clearly staged for purposes of demonstrating the type of airliner and the plane ID number. The plane was taken out of commission, crushed into oblivion, and then planted for purposes of a psyops hoax. They failed in all the others. They wanted to see if this one could go through.
The hoaxers-in-chief don’t seem to be too concerned. They see it as a joke:
This march of the mad Zionists is always definitive proof of a scam and arch-fraud.
Who are these people kidding. It is obviously fake grieving and phony heart-ache. No such flight ever took off, let alone crashed. All these huggers are merely faking it for the cameras, one is even looking away from the person she is supposedly consoling.
The fake suiciding pilot is an arch-Zionist mole who took a big payout to have his name used for the hoax. 
No one can prove otherwise.


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