zaterdag 5 december 2015

Sensational discovery: Martian city?

On the internet there's hardly to find something for you to verify this story, but the supplied coordinates on Google Earth (Mars)  makes it at least worth to investigate it yourself. Search for Marcelo Irazusta in google and you can find more material of this man to be worth to discover.

 Mysterious structures on Mars, most are intentionally hidden the new discoveries that gives the researcher Marcelo Irazusta. coordinates

Misteriosas construcciones en Marte, en su mayoría ocultas intencionalmente son los nuevos descubrimientos que nos da el investigador Marcelo Irazusta. Coordenadas 44°18'34.26"N 158°16'25.14"O
44° 9'35.34"N 158°15'55.94"O
44° 0'44.04"N 158°15'26.36"O
43°46'42.86"N 158°15'17.72"O
43°37'53.62"N 158°15'6.98"O
43°32'52.55"N 158°15'1.12"O
43°25'55.35"N 158°14'7.84"O
43° 9'14.65"N 158°13'57.00"O
41°28'15.03"N 158°11'8.48"O
40°58'45.19"N 158°12'42.94"O
38°58'52.29"N 158°12'49.07"O

37° 0'31.61"N 158°10'28.62"O 37°59'42.27"N 153°37'20.06"O 39°17'19.19"N 153°40'2.30"O 43°19'50.68"N 153°51'33.65"O 43°42'43.53"N 153°52'56.70"O 45°43'53.84"N 153°59'41.19"O

Source Youtube

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