zondag 12 juli 2015

22:00 CET : Cosmic Answers with Emily Windsor

22:00 CET : Cosmic Answers with Emily Windsor
Presentation: Emily Elisabeth Windsor Cragg

WELCOME TO COSMIC ANSWERS WITH EMILY E, and I'm your host each Sunday. This is public consensus education. My technical specialties are organizational problem-solving (in my graduate work at University); scientific DIGITAL IMAGERY ANALYSIS based on Xerography AT XEROX corporation and many decades of customer service in retail business. I'm at Facebook & LinkedIN, Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg Windsor-Cragg, and at chaiyah@gmail.com.
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ARMAGEDDON QUESTION.-- According to my Sovereign Cosmic SOURCE YHVH--What happens NEXT hangs on how many people--what % of US-UK Populations--attain awareness of corruption in high places and do something about it. Doing nothing to raise English Voices to confront Vice & Evil, we obtain the Armageddon scenario.... However, if we DO inform others, object and throw false leaders out, NO ARMAGEDDON is necessary to save the Planet. But it ALL depends on US/UK people--not staged events, verbal trickery or hocus pocus.

This and every Sunday beginning May 31, 2015, FINDING ANSWERS begins a series of conversations in Grandma's Parlor, and while you wait you are invited to view the 14.5 HOURS OF FACTUAL VIDEOS below, all of which contain DATA that confronts dys- and misinfo in the public domain--the VERY REASON to investigate issues. I invite you to CHAT before this INTERACTIVE Show, share your issues and questions.