zaterdag 18 april 2015

Dr. Ron Paul Says U.S. Dollar Could Soon Collapse

04.08.2015     By Michael Palmer, Stansberry Research
Exclusive: Dr. Ron Paul issues alarming presentation on how U.S. Dollar will crash—and how to protect yourself.

Dr. Ron Paul—the former Presidential candidate and 22-year Congressional veteran—says that despite the rosy outlook from politicians and the mainstream press…

We could be on the verge of a major currency collapse here in America.

In a recent exclusive interview Dr. Paul said:

“A U.S. financial crisis—greater than the crisis of 2008—is fast approaching… and this crisis will be very different from the last one.”
As a result, Dr. Paul says “we are almost certain to have a major stock market crash.”  He added:
“We’re likely to see massive changes to our retirement system and Social Security. It will be particularly tough for seniors and anyone living on a fixed income.”
Dr. Paul says we’ll also witness major changes to the very fabric of our society, because destroying a nations’ money in this manner wrecks businesses, friendships, and families, who simply don’t understand and aren’t prepared for what will happen.

Dr. Paul is so concerned, he recently put together an investigative presentation, which explains how he sees this looming crisis unfolding… and exactly what you can do about it.


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